pub fruity machines for online play with no depositThough we at CasinoCanada pretty much love all internet casino games, there’s a special spot in our hearts for those classic-style slots we might call “fruit machines.” And why not? After all, the milieu of the online casino follows its real-life counterpart as far as the overwhelming popularity of fruit machines beyond the wildest, most technologically sound franchise-based titles.

Isn’t “fruit machines” a general term for “slot games” in the UK?

It once was quite a common term, yes, but while in some areas of the British Isles “fruit machines” may be the favoured terminology, internationalism combined with the acknowledged supremacy of Las Vegas-style gambling (and nomenclature) throughout the “Western” world has made “Slot machine”, “video slots” and such terms.

We understand “one-armed bandit” is still the popular choice in Scotland, however...

So what do you mean by “fruit machine”?

At CasinoCanada, we consider “free machines” to be those online slots which feature the traditional, old-fashioned symbols and gameplay that dominated slot machines in the heyday of ‘Vegas. Naturally, this means the accent within this bit of the website is on more traditional-style games of this ilk, i.e. the 3-reel classic slots and 5-reel games without video rounds.

How do I play a fruit machine-style slot game?

While the mechanics of playing the fruit machine are simplicity itself – in the case of most games, wager and hit the SPIN button – a few things should be remembered before starting. First of all, be sure to check the paytable of the game, particularly those promising big jackpot wins and huge free spins rounds. Those thousands-to-one payouts do exist, it’s just that they may be a bit harder to hit than you think.

Any other advice for playing fruit machines?

It sounds mundane, but make sure you know how much you’re wagering per spin. Different casinos express the cost of one play on the fruit machine in different fashions. Some simply allow you to choose the amount wagered, while others have you choose a “coin size”, then a number of “coins”, all multiplied by the number of paylines, of course.

Other than this, all we can advise is to stay within a reasonable budget. Please always remember that fruit machines are a game of chance and losing streaks do occur. Play responsibly and hours of fun await on the online fruit machines!

its fruit mania with all of these real money play slotsToday thousands of fruit machine titles are available for playing at online casinos, so which should you play? Try one from the followed selection of new treats plus old classics, hand-picked by us from among top casino software producers like Microgaming, Aristocrat and many more – and all our games may be played for free for as long as you’d like!

Major new fruit machine games are released to online casinos at the rate of 15 to 20 per month, so check back often to find out about new game titles throughout the year. Enjoy CasinoCanada’s cross-section of the most recently-released and most popular fruit machines from among the thousands operating somewhere online!