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What Are InfiniReels Slots?

In recent years, paylines have still been the most popular way to calculate wins. However, online slots like Megaways started to deviate from this by offering ways to win instead of fixed or unfixed paylines. It seems to be a no-brainer that we would eventually take the limit away wholly.

Unending reels and infinite ways of winning is a recent trend that has been popping up in several games in the past year. The idea goes by different names under different developers in various games, and they all work slightly differently. InfiniReels refer specifically to the NetEnt games that use this feature, starting with a game called Gods of Gold. In essence, InifiniReels games will keep adding reels to your board as long as you keep getting winning combinations.

How do InfiniReels Work?

In a game where InfiniReels are applied as a bonus feature, you start playing with a simple 3x3 reel board and 27 ways to win. With each win, a reel is added, and your ways to win are multiplied by 3. If you keep winning in this same spin, more reels are added, and your ways to win are increased.

On a board that has 3 rows and 4 reels, your ways to win increases to 81. If another reel is added and the board size increases to 2x5, there are 243 ways to win.

In theory, as long as you keep getting winning combinations, more reels will be added, and your wins will be more significant. You can add 10 or 20 reels, but no player should forget that casinos will definitely have some sort of cap on the win. Your win will not be infinite, but it may be massive.

Gods of Gold InfiniReels Game

Gods of Gold InfiniReels slot

The Gods of Gold InfiniReels Game is an excellent example of how this feature works. The RTP of Gods of Gold is 96.21%, and the game is classified as high volatility. It has a betting range between CAD$0.20 and CAD$200 and also has other features like free spins and multi-slams. That makes the game overall pretty standard, and InfiniReels brings in an exciting twist.

The possibility of unending reels and ways to win means that the RTP and high variance can lead to more significant wins. NetEnt have run simulations with the game, and although the results have not and cannot be infinite, they have had max wins of up to 25,000x the bet.

The game helps you keep track of the number of reels with a handy counter that appears at the bottom right. The reels slide out of view on the left side of the screen. Once you have stopped hitting winning combinations, the game rolls back over all of the reels you’ve earned and calculated your win according to the number of ways to win related to the number of reels you have added.

The InfiniReels feature doesn’t cancel out the possibility of other bonuses either. The InfiniReels may affect how these bonuses are used as some limitations or extensions are added.

Gods of Gold still has a scatter and a wild symbol and extra Multi-slam and Re-spin features. Three or more scatter symbols will award you with 10 or more free spins called Wins Spins. The wild symbol will appear from the fourth reel and substitute for any other symbol except the scatters.

The Multi-Slam and Re-spin features are unique to the NetEnt InfiniReels game. They are both randomly awarded to the reels you have already added to your board. A Re-spin is randomly triggered once all the wins are done, and no more reels are added.

However, with the Multi-Slam feature, you don’t have to wait for the turn to end before the possibility of a reward. The Multi-Slam feature adds 2 or 3 reels, and each Multi-Slam is a guaranteed win.

Are Infinity Reels the same?

 Eldorado Infinity Reels slot

In your search for InfiniReels games, you might come across Infinity Reels games, too, like Eldorado Infinity Reels or Giza Infinity Reels. The bonus is based on the same general concept, but it is brought to you by the developer ReelPlay. This bonus feature in ReelPlay games allows players to earn extra reels, free spins, or multipliers. The Infinity Reel games work in a different format because another company designed them.

More games in the future?

Dragon’s Fire InfiniReels

The feedback on infinite reels has been favourable, making Gods of Gold popular since the start of 2020. NetEnt then teamed up with Red Tiger to create Dragon’s Fire InfiniReels. We think that InfiniReels games could become like Megaways games where the feature is presented as a variation on a classic game. Megaways slots have grown into a genre on their own, with hundreds of Megaways slots used to revamp older games and give them new life.

InfiniReels has a unique possibility of taking much older and smaller 3x3 board slots and breathing new life into them. Developers can add other features on top of that and use InfiniReels as a catalyst to bring back old favourites or pitch new ideas.


It is the job of iGaming developers to look for the next best thing in online gambling, and InfiniReels seems to be what we can look forward to next. The feature can take a relatively small game and expand in an infinite number of reels and ways to win. It is like Megaways on growth hormones. Since their appearance at the beginning of 2020, players have been responding positively, and we are looking forward to seeing more InfiniReels versions of games in the future. Players should remember that wins cannot indeed be infinite, or the game would never end, but the possibility of 25,000x your bet is an exciting win to play for.

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