7 Interesting Facts About Roulette

Roulette has a peculiar blend of simple structure and speed, making it a globally highly regarded online casino game. If you're looking for irrefutable suspense, excitement, and thrills, roulette will always satisfy your imagination.

Roulette is quite an old game, having been on the market for a couple of centuries. However, it has made many technological advancements over the years. You may have played the game several times without taking note of the few fun facts connected to it. So, without wasting any more time, we’ll introduce our top seven fascinating discoveries.

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Roulette Was an Inadvertent Invention

roulette historyWe all know the famous prolific mathematician Pascal Blaise who was a genius in the 17th century and the brains behind the concept of probability. He devised technical theorems and solutions for these complex calculations one of which is Pascaline – the father of the modern-day calculator. Besides the fantastic invention, Pascal Blaise also created the wheel of fortune.

Pascal's study aimed to develop a piece of equipment that rotates consistently without any energy assistance. He was trying to come up with a device known as the perpetual motion machine. This machine was designed to break the physics law, but the experiment was unsuccessful.

However, with specific enhancements made by Louis and Francois Blanc brought about the fantastic roulette wheel today. Pascal may not have envisioned the wheel evolving into a world-famous casino game. Nevertheless, roulette is indubitably his brainchild.

How Is the Little Wheel So Costly?

In case someday you’ll want to acquire a roulette table, the whole installation will cost you an amount between $5,000 and $7,000. However, the most expensive roulette table is constructed with 14 kg of gold and silver. Presently the table costs $500,000 while just the wheel's accessories cost $4,000.

The Devil's Game

Have you ever heard roulette termed as the "the devil's wheel"? The reason behind this name is when all roulette's wheel numbers from 0–36 are added together, they sum up to 666; the infamous number of the devil.

This tag name also comes as a result of its remarkably quick pace and prominence. In combination, these attributes mean it can become addictive to play.

James Bond's Favourite Number

James Bond's Favorite NumberJames Bond was a big fan of roulette, and he loved to play with the number 17. Players commonly play this number because it is centrally positioned on the table.

There are reports that the proprietor of Newcastle United football club, Mike Ashely, gained more than one million pounds after placing a bet of $563,727. He won an amount of $1,526,655 M in one spin after playing with number 17.

Another lucky figure on the silver screen: 22

The number 22 is commonly used in Casablanca as the winning number. It also appears in popular casino films such as "Indecent Proposal" and "Lost in America"; hence, it is deemed a lucky number.

The Man Who Betted to His Last Coin

In 2009, an English entrepreneur Ashley Revell sold all his real estate and other properties, which amounted to $157,353. Revell headed to Las Vegas and staked all his money on one roulette wheel spin.

Amusingly, he had not decided whether to bet on red or black. Reports claim that upon doubling his amount, he used it to start his online gambling site called Poker UTD. Unfortunately, the site collapsed in 2012.

Roulette Requires a Remarkable Amount of Table Etiquette

Roulette Table EtiquetteThe game has several protocols that need to be observed by all players at the table. Below are a few universal dos and don'ts:

Food and Drinks Free Zone

In land-based gambling venues, no snacks or drinks are permitted at the roulette table. So, if you are the kind who enjoys bites while placing bets, then you might need to nibble something before playing.

The logic behind this rule is quite apparent. Given how costly the roulette table is, this rule is to protect the roulette wheel from leaks and damages.

Listen to the Croupier

When the roulette dealer declares "no more bets,” he means that you cannot make any more adjustments to your bets in any way.

Purchasing chips

For beginners, the simplest mistake you can make is buying your chips when sitting at the table. Therefore, ensure you understand every table's maximum and minimum bets because they vary.

Nonetheless, avoid giving the roulette dealer cash directly to purchase chips instead of placing it on the table before sitting down.

Can Mathematics Give You the Advantage to Win at Roulette?

There have been a lot of roulette players who have sought to outwit the wheel over the years. It has also been examined for any possible weaknesses but to no avail. Even though thousands of fans have made attempts to create strategies using advanced mathematical solutions, roulette will always remain a game of luck.

Albert Einstein, a theoretical physicist, said, "Nobody can win at roulette unless he steals cash from the table when the croupier is not watching." He implied that there isn't any mathematical formula or strategy that will enable you to win at roulette.

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Roulette is widely labeled as the queen of casino games. It's undeniably an entertaining game with a rich historical background. Hopefully, this information will assist you in becoming a better roulette player and a knowledgeable one too.

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