5 Reasons Why Modern Casinos Will Never Cheat Gamblers

In the past, casinos’ cheating players wasn't only possible; it was pretty rampant. As major corporations took over the industry, such occurrences fizzled out. Transparency and profiting legally became crucial once mobsters stopped running the shows.

New players or those experiencing a cold streak might easily suspect casinos of sabotage, but the reality is different. The present-day gambling sector leaves little to no room for nefarious activities to thrive. Adverse economic outcomes are a chief deterrent to cheating, and we explore the details below.

Regulations and Legislations

Regulations and Legislations

Many countries have consistently shuffled between prohibiting and allowing gambling. Those with full or marginal acceptance of gambling have stringent laws about it. Operating licences are compulsory in most jurisdictions; they're difficult to earn and easy to lose.

State and national laws can apply to brick-and-mortar casinos within the region and online casinos operating from those locations. This means a casino can have two or more gambling licences. Some popular global gaming regulators are:

  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority (GRA)
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC)
  • Curacao eGaming

Modern casinos aren't keen on cheating you, with many regulatory bodies overseeing their actions. If a control board or gaming commission investigates a casino, it will affect their business significantly. This negative blowback can linger whether or not the commission finds proof of foul play.

No casino worth its salt wants to lose its licence or business just to fleece players. Regardless, you may find a few rotten eggs in small-scale casinos in small countries. These casinos operate under loose regulations and rely on skimming off tourists who are unlikely to return.

Third-Party Audits

Third-Party Audits

Gaming commissions issue licences and ensure adherence to gambling regulations. Besides these, they also make third-party auditors test casino games and the casino’s system overall. Services provided by these firms include:

  • Platform testing, game testing, and RNG testing
  • Security audits, inspections, and consultations
  • Game verification, testing game mathematics, and payout calculations
  • Ensure players understand fair gaming, protect customers' interests, resolve customer disputes

Third-party testing ensures that software providers and casinos don't rig games. Fair odds, working RNGs, and reasonable house edges of games give players a feeling of fairness. If casinos were interested in cheating you, they wouldn't bother getting and displaying certifications from these firms:

  • eCOGRA
  • iTech Labs
  • BMM Testlabs
  • Gaming Labs International
  • Quality Assurance Laboratories
  • Gaming Associates

The risk of exposure is too significant for casinos to cheat you, so you can totally focus on having a good time. Of note, some gambling regulatory bodies might not require their licensees to get these third-party certifications. However, such authorities are pretty rare today.

House Edge

House Edge

The house always wins, and it's no secret. Or at least they're bound to win, except a few skilled players trump their advantage with various strategies. As a result, most game odds are naturally 'rigged' in the casino's favor, providing them with a profit margin of 5% to 10% per bet.

The house edge of games, especially those with higher variance, is set at specific rates. These rates are low enough for average players to keep playing without discouragement from losses because they may hit the big payoff. However, they’re also high enough for the casino to make money.

Three groups of players inadvertently increase the house edge:

  • Those who bet without good bankroll management
  • Those who always ignore basic gaming strategies
  • Those who tend to chase losses

The idea of casinos cheating players for profit begs the question: why would they when you're already going to lose the money? Cheating might speed up your loss, but it's too much stress for minimal results. Modern casinos no longer aim to scam a low number of gamblers for profit.

Reputation or Goals

Reputation or Goals

Casinos’ primary purpose has always been entertainment. The first casinos had atmospheres decorated with food, music, dancing, and fun games. While an increasingly capitalistic society may have derailed this purpose, casinos have returned to their roots eventually.

Modern casinos focus on tourism and entertainment. Business is booming and will continue along these lines as long as players keep coming back for more. Word of mouth is a vital currency in this industry, and nobody wants to go to a venue that never allows the player to win.

A cheating scandal damages any casino's reputation heavily, cutting off the steady stream of customers. There is a bunch of examples that prove how impossible it is to bounce back from such scandals since people acknowledge those casinos in a short time.

Combined with their generally atrocious service, they sold out since their businesses couldn't survive the backlash. Casinos today will never cheat you because they could either tank completely or survive with a handful of gamblers. A cheating casino will also have to be sold at meagre prices.

Cost-benefit Analysis

Cost-benefit Analysis

Loss of licences, reputation, and customers are only a piece of the pie cheating casinos might eat. In addition, there are legal fees to contend with if they're fined or taken to court. Some casinos had to pay huge amounts of penalties in the past decades for tricking vulnerable customers.

Even if a casino successfully rips off players today, they're bound to get noticed, and here are three likely outcomes:

  • They will have to pay massive compensations to customers and penalty fines to authorities
  • They will lose all their licences from every jurisdiction and are banned from operating
  • They may maintain their licences because they're under weak jurisdictions. However, players will still boycott them because the news of their sullied reputation gets out.

For whatever paltry sum consistent cheating would bring, the stakes are too high for modern casinos. With the house edge in their favor and a growing number of gambling enthusiasts, they make enough profit.

In essence, most casinos are too busy making a legitimate profit to be bothered about cheating you.

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